The ‘Chids

Finally “broke down” and had to get an orchid of my very own for the balcony  : )  The fuchsia-colored one was the one I originally chose,  and the little white one was an adoption.  Here are my 2 ‘chids, as captured by my camera phone:


“Disturbing emotions not only disturb our own state of mind, they also disturb the minds of others. Self-centredness gives rise to fear and insecurity, which in turn creates distrust. This is why having an altruistic attitude brings a great sense of happiness and peace of mind.”

-Dalai Lama

Let’s do our best to keep things peaceful, and our words impeccable.

Happy & safe Easter weekend everyone!

Kris… Rocks!

So glad this woman also entered my life a few years ago…  what a trip it has been!

World, Kristin..  Kristin, World:

This girl has shown me strength, courage and willpower like none other.  Having the most down-to-earth personality that I can find amongst my friends, she is always wonderful company!  We’ve shared quite a few exciting experiences over the course of our friendship – from transforming into peacocks for halloween to taking our first (but not last) skydiving trip, sharin’ a hookah, and letting me have my way with her as a model, putting her in rather odd and precarious spots (and she really does go “out on a limb” for this – haha..!), all in my attempt to learn more about photographing the human figure, we’ve definitely had a lot of fun, with lots more to come.  Above, one of the pictures from our first shoot – she allowed me to paint her hair to pop for the shoot, as she had the “om” symbol cut into it.  Below a close-up of the finished product, and under that is her newest design.  : )    Kris most definitely rocks!


And what world would be complete without some joshin’ ’round?

I give you Josh:

Kind-hearted, driven, funny, talented, this marathon runner is about to have my hair in his capable hands as he learns from the best at Paul Mitchell.  The above photo was impeccably timed and snapped by as he went back from finishing this half-marathon (apprx 10mi) to encourage his sister and her friend to cross the line.  This was after only 4 hrs of sleep and waking up at 5am (yeEsh… talk about willpower)! – They finished : )  Below, credit for the original photo I cannot take, but credit for the edit, I can; in action:



(High volume recommended!)

Jen Jen

This amazing woman has graced my world as of the last year and thank God, because she an awesome addition to the circle  : )

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ms. Jenna:

Intelligent, hilarious, inspirational, beautiful and simply amazing, this girl rocks.  I actually went to high school with her and have recently (thanks to Facebook..) become more better-acquainted : )  She has created her own line of custom jewelry, The Secret Side Project, with gorgeous pieces that I have already purchased and given as gifts.  See a small taste below, and by checking out the Secret Side Project on Etsy (you can order and ship-to different locations – inquire if you are interested!).  Locally, her jewelry is already a hit at Newfangled Modern Market in DeLand, FL (her sister does an amazing job modeling for her):

Peep the present

Peep the past