Target: Bullseye


The beautiful weather here reminds me of the time I spent in Long Beach, California, a couple years back.

Double Trouble!

While contemplating a double major in Accounting and Finance at UCF, it makes my head spin a tad bit..  but hey, I have the ability, means, time, and support to “Bea” all I can;  here goes.

My advice to anyone who has ever wanted to pursue something they think they cannot: go for it.  Once you make up your mind that you truly want something, the right people will begin popping into your world who will share your vision, goal, and give you support and inspiration along your way.

A little perspective

Look up, look down, look all-around…  but keep your eyes on what’s most important.

Pic 1 was in Vegas at a Chihuly exhibit, the 2nd at my friend’s former Bronx apartment, the 3rd is San Fran, the 4th crossed my path on Facebook, and the heart was art from a museum also in SF : )

Spotted!: Summer’s comin….. : D

Cats!: ‘Carlet

Scarlet, my friend Tara’s kitty:


It’s that time again…  for the week-long Winter Music Conference in Miami.  This was the first time I went (back in ’09), and it was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had.  The weather, the rooftop pool parties, the beach, the sun, the house music, the great vibes, the ocean, the dancing, the friends… from the Versace house on Ocean Drive to Space in downtown,  it just doesn’t get better!   I’ll be fortunate enough to enjoy at least a few days of this always anticipated and exciting event this coming weekend : )

Hey Lucky Lady!

This lady was on the go-go..!  This was the first of two ladybugs that have “stopped by” to visit me in the past couple of weeks : )  The 2nd was in a much bigger hurry, I barely got to say hi before she took off, let alone pause long ‘nuf for a pic.

The Buzz

Chews wisely

(Bag of gummi bears from the Publix supermarket.  Thx Publix!)

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