Say What?

Not long after the loss of this beautiful and iconic 3,400 – 3,600 yr old cypress tree, The
, this news came across my way… there are proposed plans to run cattle ops through an already-impaired Silver Springs waters here in Florida.  I am left truly speechless; as we mourn the loss of one accidental natural monument loss, but consider legally running amok of another??  Something just doesn’t seem right about this, and it makes my heart sink a bit for Florida’s natural beauty.  The image to the right was taken by a friend of my brother’s, who works in the field.

I grew up frequenting Blue Spring with my family, and I couldn’t imagine something like that be taken away..  It’s very strange to think that if (just IF) we were re-evaluate our diets and what we ought to be eating instead of all the beef we currently consume, we could not only be healthier as individuals, but issues such as this one with Silver Spring may not even become a blip on the governor’s radar to have to deliberate..  I may be completely off base, and we may really need to do this for some reason or another (far beyond me), but to destroy natural habitats that we normally strive to save simply doesn’t compute in my mind.. guess I’ll try using one of my many various calculators..

From Silver to brown, I hope it doesn’t go down.

Read more: click here or the image above.

Thank you….


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