Let’s not forget humour!

Click here to see the 25 worst acronyms in the world….  and for a good laugh!

Longer, happier, healthier life? Yes please : )

Sorry for the volume level, don’t let this thing blast you out of your seat!

(If you are in real hurry, FF to at least 4:30 to catch some really stunning information)

Chemistry rising

Wild FL storm brewing in the background, enjoying the wind and sights w/ my babe in the foreground  : D

Lovin’ some Róisín Murphy

Yes but No


Gotta love yes- but no!

Dalai on Patience

“The practice of patience protects us from losing our composure. In doing that it enables us to exercise discernment, even in the heat of difficult situations. It gives us inner space. And within that space we gain a degree of self-control, which allows us to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner rather than being driven by our anger and irritation.”

– Dalai Lama

Just cuz

Renata, my cousin who lives in Germany, drew this picture for me years ago (’95?) and I recently came upon it again.  I had this picture of me recently, and realized it bore somewhat of an unintentional resemblance, though maybe I’m reaching.  Maybe it’s the hair:

Spotted!: Out with Lolita

Some random pics captured while biking : )

Peep the present

Peep the past