Not a Maze

… just amaz-ing.  My guy and I went on an adventure, and he brought me to this lab’rynthical garden  (and I got more than just this sticker!) 🙂


Seeing Red

(A little behind… 4th of July show with my man)


Let’s Face it.

…again, I’m not one to post much about Facebook, but I have a question for and about them:

Why is it that they have not yet created an option to mark your profile as Personal/Social, Business/Professional, or Company (-and treating posts as such, thereby addressing a large majority of their privacy issues)?

Facebook Privacy

I am by no means a social media expert, and unless I am overlooking some major benefit to keeping settings as they are, I would think it would be an obvious option for it’s users.  Maybe it is helping “better” society by holding individuals accountable for their actions? (ha…) …  Also understanding that nothing posted on the internet is ever really private, it would seem to make things much easier for the developers to have one simple button to set these settings, thereby freeing them up to do other things like play ping pong.

Just a thought.

The Blondie Lords

Current blogging music is inspired in part this evening by Blondie and Lords of Acid.  Couldn’t pick just one LOA song to link, so I’ve added a few (btw, they go from non-offensive to not suitable for little ones… in that order).

Lords of Acid

LOA – Am I Sexy?

LOA – Stripper

LOA – The Power is Mine

LOA – Gimme Gimme







Blondie Blondie – Good Boys


Tooling in the Garden


Peep the present

Peep the past