No argument.

My man has one, and made me want it -it’s quite large, a bit awkward in handling.


(Photo courtesy of the George Takei Facebook Page, inappropriate pun courtesy of me.)

Snow in the Sunshine State



Well, this:





And I’m a little sorry about this next image (fasten your seatbelt.)  –I did make sure to decrease it’s size so it’s effects are a bit more minimal?  :


…ain’t lyin’

I got this image from my friends pictures, but I’m not 100% if he was the actual photographer.

Give any idiot a gun, and they can kill an animal.


A while back, I may have posted a link along the lines of some silly quiz to take… but I know it wasn’t this one:

What Is Your True Color Aura?

And then this:

Blank Canvas


Peep the present

Peep the past