School just made him sick.

When I was in school and I used to tell my parents that “it’s the teacher, not me!” they would roll their eyes and tell me to go do my homework.  Thankfully it didn’t make me sick..

When I was in high school, the buildings were old, the air was musky and humid (even with the a/c kickin’…) -I don’t even want to know what the air ducts were like inside.  It crossed my mind that it probably wasn’t the cleanest, most sanitary air to be breathing while enhancing our minds…!  Recently, my brother’s girlfriend was telling me about her cough.  It started while in school and over the summer it subsided measurably, she was pondering the same thing I had pondered back in high school; “is school the cause of my affliction?”  –well, we are definitely intent on finding out.  She starts back again soon this month, and the somewhat unofficial study will begin.  Btw, my high school has since been completely torn down/renovated/renewed… the year after my class graduated.

For this little 3rd grader, it took over a year to figure out what was causing his health issues – poor lil guy!!  Having a clean learning environment is crucial!  Always question the location if this is something you find happening with yourself or someone you know…  and spread the word/information/knowledge.  We must be ever vigilant.

Read more by clicking the image or by following this CNN Health link:


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