Like This



Reminds me of that:

HOTT. Well, not.

‘ts why I always take my coffee on ice thank you 🙂

No Idea…

… Ay, I’m only beginning to “get it!”- with only one, I can halfway understand where she is coming from:

Love that she has the ability to raise these children, make these ridiculously hilarious parodies, and gets the support she needs through it all   🙂

…and the housework… !  lol! *making note: no pets

and and and.  This woman is enviable 🙂  …. one more –and so many more I won’t post… but check her out! :

Don’t believe a Word of it!

You need at least four to five hours to play this game:  not because it’s a long game, but because you will find it difficult to stop once you’ve jumped in.

Caveat: hilarity ensues…  (for most, anyways 😀 )


PS: It’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  No, they did not pay me to write and link this!


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