Sunset on August 26th

Sunset on August 26th

I was ‘down by the riva’ watchin this particular show (St. Johns)… a very peaceful spot along the scenic route.

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Here are some flowers I’ve gathered for my photographic vase…
they have come from all over 🙂

Cats!: ‘Ney ‘Ney

This is another one of the outdoor kitties de mi hermano.  She’s a brave lil thing (our parents have her brother and sister) – she is also the one that recently fell through the screen and into the pool…

Cats!: Skitty

This is another one of my bro’s kitties…  he’s quite skiddish, hence his name.  He’s such a beautiful thing, but proves to be a very difficult subject (for me) to photograph.  My brother gets some great shots of him, as you will see.

Cats!: Leo & Lea

Two of my parent’s late cats…  they were a gift from me to them (they were brothers…  I know what you’re thinking:  wait, ‘Lea’ is a girl’s name  –yea……that was our mistake.  then again, what’s in a name? …I did have one rescued kitten that I accidentally called ‘Sofie’… and he didn’t seem to mind..)

Cats!: Lea – Portrait of a killer

The brave hunter naps…… hardcore!

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Flicks: WasteLand

Recently saw this one…  very interesting things about Rio Dijo I really didn’t know (recommendable):

To see more of how Vik Muniz combined a few people, a lotta trash, and his artistic talents in works of art displayed around the world, click the images below:

If you like, watch the trailer here:

Innsbruck: tteo “Dr. Pokoly”

So a friend of mine live in Hungary with his girl, and they travel to some awesome places that I may or may not have been before, and they take amazing pictures.  I told him I was going to share some of their pictures with the rest of the world and he said ok.  They are beautiful, and definitely inspirational!  Henceforth I shall refer to him as “Dr. P.” –b/c I’ll be sharing others as well 🙂

Oh, and he labelled them as well, so we know what the heck we are lookin at.  Shout out!

Without further ado, Dr. Pokoly’s (awesome) photos of Innsbruck, Germany:

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