Daytona Beach


“Everyone loves a parade”  –especially the Berlin Love Parade 🙂  such a great time amongst such an enormous amount of people!  This was of course back in like 2000 or something like that…  it was something I will always remember.


Words can’t really describe this beautiful island..


My aunt and uncle used to own restaurants on the Chiemsee, and we would always visit when we were “in town.”  It’s beautiful, serene, rich with Bavarian culture, and not only (all) that, but you can also take a ferry to the Herreninsel to see the amazing (yes, A-MAZING) and beautiful castle of (Mad) King Ludwig II.  He also happened to commission that little castle Neuschwanstein, if you’ve heard of it 😉  I will post more pictures at some point.

Bad Reichenhall

Ok firstly, “Bad Reichenhall” is pronounced like this:  bud rye-hen-hall, with a rolled “r” and a phlegmy “hen” and “hall.”

Secondly, to give a little bit of information about it, it is a spa town with numerous salt-water baths and even an open-air inhalatorium made of two nearly 570′ long corridors which are nearly 50′ tall, composed of 90,000 closely bundled blackthorn and hawthorn twigs.  The salt in the air increases as the water evaporates, and it is supposed to aid in respiration (pictured below)..  pretty interesting stuff there in this little town.  
They also make some of the best chocolate ever: The Mozart Kugel made by the Reber company.  o.  m.  g.  (which you can now find at World Market thank you!)

O yea, another thing:  in the photo above, there is a figure called “die Schlafende Hexe” which translates to “the sleeping witch.”  If you look at the mountain on the right hand side, towards where the two of them meet, you can see her profile (her head is on the downward slope, and then her body and feet go upward).  If it’s too far away, here is a google search with more up-close shots 🙂

[click here]

And lastly me, in my hometown 🙂


Day trip to Nurnberg with friends made in German class –  after a looong night with no sleep!  It was definitely good times, and such a perfect day to visit.  I’m hoping I can dig up some more photos of mine..

Btw, some of the best gingerbread (aka lebkuchen!) comes from this quaint little city.


I heart Berlin.

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