tteo: Lani Sammons

🙂   Lani and her family travel all over the place, and they join up where possible and have some fun adventures.  She always gives great descriptions so we know where we are, and her pics make you feel like you are actually there as well- Thanks for all of the amazing pics you share Lani!

Here are some of her pictures of Seattle, Colorado, and Hawai’i:

God, Really?

Got this shot while on the road, and it looked nothing like this in real life, I only saw this upon downloading the picture.  Anyways…..

tteo: Eric Yeh

Eric has definitely been an inspiration in photography!  Here, I share a a link if you’d like out check out more (which I highly recommend), and a very small taste of his photographic talent at the 2011 Anime Expo:

Check out his Portfolio by clicking here

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Ok Einstein!

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
-Albert Einstein

Always Christmas in FL

(This applies especially to the town of Christmas, FL – they even have decorative plates…?)

Heart 2 fart

He (or she?) is lucky, their gas is cheap!


“We grow from every experience”

That came from this Hungarian song a friend of mine shared with me.  Even if you do not understand Hungarian, the vid has some real awesomemess to it:

Thirsty for more translatin’ action??  Google translate is pretty friggin cool (& fun)!  Click the logo below to go, man:

Flicks: God Grew Tired of Us

A Nat Geo documentary that really puts into perspective what some people must do in order to have the lives we do here in the states.  Narrated by Nicole Kidman, it is the journey a few young men who travel from Sudan in order to pursue a life in the US – their trials and tribulations are seemingly expansive and never-ending…. very inspiring and definitely recommended.

Take a peek:

Also check out the official site for more info (click image below):

Swamp thing

Surely we all see some pretty random things/pictures/etc … Well, I’d like to share the ones I see, with you.

Like this one…  I actually don’t remember how I got this, it may have been a text from a friend of mine (Kristine was this your pic?)  Anyhow, it’s just a “what-the-h*ll-is-this??” type thing:

Flicks: Milton Glaser: To Inform & Delight


form & light

[in]form & [de]light

To Inform & Delight

Wow!  This was a good one; I was a little hesitant at first, but wow, it jumped in and ran like a super-fun roller coaster.  If you’d like a great documentary on the story behind the man who created the I heart NY “logo” (and who never made a dime off it!), or if you just want an easy, feel-good as well as inspirational flick, watch this – you will enjoy it 🙂

Take a peek:

And if I may also direct you here for:

an article about the movie  [click here]

milton glaser 10 things I’ve learned  [click here]

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