Inspiration : Gil Bruvel

This artist has amazing works that encompass imagination, whimsy, creativity, detail, beauty….  I could look at his work all day long and himmm and haww over it.  Definitely one of my favorite artists who inspires:

(There’s more on his site):

The Visionary World of Gil Bruvel

Spotted!: Blue Spring kaya-kin’

Went out on the river w/ my brother and some kayaks – it was super cool to be so intimate w/ nature… very close to the water..  I did almost get mauled by a gator that was cruising by.  That part was quite frightening!!  We did however also get to be in the middle of a patch of Manatees (where the river meets the spring), and that was rather scary too; they would come up for air, and there was a possibility that one tip you over.  It kind of reminded me of some kind of Universal Studios water ride – only much, much more real (“real” can be more scary, but thousands times more exhilarating).  Survivor – YEA!

Inspiration : Buddha Bar

From a Buddha Bar video on YouTube (click on it to go there and hear it).

Inspiration : Philip Lumbang

An artist who recently inspired me (aside from the ones I saw the documentaries on) is Phil Lumbang in LA.  These are a few pieces of his; first saw his little bear artwork in SF a few yrs ago (@ Giant Robot -which has since been closed.. booo!).

His lil bears are simply the cutest I’ve seen, and his message  comes through in his art 🙂

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Click on Phil to read a short interview with him and Hi-Fructose Mag. ———–>

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Peep the past