For security purposes.. future of captia?

I’m very happy to come across a new type of captia.  For all of the times I have typed, guessed, squinted, re-typed….  this is much more fun and much easier to just DO.  Who knew that our grade-school learnings would show up later on like this in life.. to prove we are human and to submit our comments/requests/votes/etc  🙂  Oh, the power of being a kid

…..Alice was in WonderLand

This was a particularly special Thanksgiving holiday that I had spent in New York;  I felt like I got lucky as it was unheard of early for it to be snowing that early in the year…  but it did, and it was beautiful.

….. I had a, Like, stalker

He was a goofy mofo, never really imposed any kind of real threat to me, he simply went around “Liking” everything in real life – far before FB was even a gleam in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye…

The Splash

The Splash.  Go see it.

Lookin’ Up!


Ok, you needn’t get all excited, I’m not currently in Munich, these pics were from a while ago, like 7ish years?  I’m glad I still stumble upon them every so often 🙂  They were taken in and around the Olympic Stadium and the Frauenkirche (church).  They may be old, but they dusted off quite nicely 🙂

Sails … awaY!

Miami boat show a few years back.  Amazing boats.  Amazing show.  Made me want a boat.  This view especially:

Then again I got nautious on a deep sea fishing trip.  And also on the dive boat.  I’ll stick to the pic, and solid ground  🙂

Inspiration : summer dreSs ~

Spotted!: …in a river bed?

This was another adventure with my brother that literally took a wrong turn towards a mis-adventure…

Doing some innocent nighttime 4wheeling in the woods.. and made a wrong turn.  This picture was taken around 8am, when delirium had set in.  Did I mention it was the coldest night in FL (really, record lows), and I woke to ice on the ground.  *Note to self: keep tissues and/or toilet paper in the car.  (I’ve made a diagram to label some areas of interest):

Survivor!  (thank god for the Krispy Kreme donuts… impulse buy actually payed off!)


graffiti….  I’m pretty sure this was the “legal” kind, which is fine by me.  This was in Orlando a few years ago, I’m not sure if they are still there, but that’s why I got pics 🙂

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