How Charming

Prince Charming

Can you find the vinyl crotchless undies in this picture?  I certainly couldn’t, until my man pointed it out to me (and warning: once you see it, it cannot be “un”- seen).  What originally began as a compliment for him turned into awesome offbeat humor.  No wonder he has that smile on his face… this certainly explains quite a bit about the “Prince Charmings” of days of yore.  Enjoy!

B&W, with a little gray.


Steven H. Coogler Respect

Steven H. Coogler Pride



The Cold war

Jon Stewart

I mainly  attempt to refrain from cluttering this space with political jargon and issues..  but this slid in.  Jon Stewart (battling a cold) delivered a rather interesting perspective on the recent gun control issue here in the United States, “Scapegoat Hunter.”  I am linking to the Business Insider, as the Comedy Central site does not have the entire clip for some reason.


Once Upon a Time…

… I stepped in, to wonderland.

Once Upon a Time

Appealing to the Dreamer that lives within us, this show has every fantasy and fable element and character incorporated into it (one of the qualities I found intriguing – to see how they could possibly interlace all of those stories, set in different times and places), from Snow White to Frankenstein to Alice in Wonderland.

This screenshot came from the moment the evil stepmother from Snow White and The Mad Hatter were stepping in to Wonderland to retrieve something (yes, together):

“Everyone wants a magical solution for their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”
Jefferson, aka The Mad Hatter

Catch em, if you can!

The League Crew

If you are into witty comedy, check out this show – it’s bound to have something for everyone.  I’ve recently seen a couple of episodes and they’ve certainly kept me laughing!

The League

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