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Reminds me of that:

HOTT. Well, not.

‘ts why I always take my coffee on ice thank you 🙂

No Idea…

… Ay, I’m only beginning to “get it!”- with only one, I can halfway understand where she is coming from:

Love that she has the ability to raise these children, make these ridiculously hilarious parodies, and gets the support she needs through it all   🙂

…and the housework… !  lol! *making note: no pets

and and and.  This woman is enviable 🙂  …. one more –and so many more I won’t post… but check her out! :

Don’t believe a Word of it!

You need at least four to five hours to play this game:  not because it’s a long game, but because you will find it difficult to stop once you’ve jumped in.

Caveat: hilarity ensues…  (for most, anyways 😀 )


PS: It’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  No, they did not pay me to write and link this!


Aging Gracefully

Well, I tried to embed the video (no, no, not like that!) and it didn’t work out.. despite it showing up in edit mode…  it’s too late an hour to fiddle with it further.   Just click the link:


Languages Speak Volumes

Hungry Google


Parts Left Over

Usually when I’ve assembled IKEA furniture I’ve only had the ‘normal’ amount of spare parts left over.  Not sure if this bed is IKEA, but the parts left over are a bit excessive, though that’s just my opinion.  Hope his dad survives!

Those moments..

You ever been in one of those “omg, that’s nasty!” moments that you wish someone else would clean that sh*t up?  If not, then I dunno what to tell you, and you can stop reading now.  I’ve been there, and guess what I’ve learned?  All those times I “left it,” it was majorly my mom who cleaned it up -whether it was a pet’s poop, dirty laundry, dirty dishes, whatever…


Being a mom meow, I will ask you to do one simple thing:  Mother’s Day is coming, and if someone you know and love has always cleaned sh*t up when you ‘didn’t wanna’….  honor them.  If you have or had an amazing mother, think of her now, before a hurried last-minute gift is necessary, because whether good or bad, you are here because of her.  Whether good or bad, she did her best.  Do I now understand just how much mothers are underappreciated?  Absolutely.  Just because the saying goes “it’s a thankless job,” does not mean she should not be thanked…  and where actions speak louder than words, the best gift is a helping hand.

Love a fresh beet


There is zero way of making a beet look anything at all appetizing.  I’ll still eat it.  Doesn’t mean I’m thrilled abeet’it, but I’ll eat it because they are a good source of minerals and folate, as this page shows.

Beats to eat beets to (to make it a beet more of a pleasant experience) :


Just…… lol  – but I did it!

Step 2:  Keep watching.  I dare you!

continuing to LOL…


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