Rome: Vatican Square and the Basilica S. Pietro

This was truly one of the most amazing places I had the fortune to experience.  A true spectacle of grandeur, the scale of these buildings is not something I can convey through words nor pictures, jaw-dropping art was flowing from every avenue inside the Basilica itself, and the Sistine Chapel was breathtaking –we were not allowed to talk, let alone take pictures once inside, and I behaved O:)  I didn’t realize that at the time I was there, the Pope was celebrating a mon-u-men-tal event, which I promptly missed since I knew nothing of it.., that’s why there are so many seats set up outside.  I will do further research into the event that it was, I managed to buy a magazine at the airport to fill me in as I left, and 7yrs later I still intend on reading it! (where were smart phones back then, to tell us the most current ‘haps?)


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