Diane Rehm on: The 3rd Industrial Revolution

For those of you who geek out on NPR like I do, I was listening to the Diane Rehm Show and this broadcast about green energy.  It’s fascinating, and I’m just wondering why we here are not as involved and proactive with the “evolution” of it as some other countries.  Excited for when it begins to be more of a reality, this particular interview explained how it works, and the (major) benefits of it.  Super cool to hear how it would impact (and help save power & resources) through several different methods – pay attention, this applies to you!  –Well, IF you happen to use a washing machine, or dryer, or….

The interview was with Jeremy Rifkin (founder & president of the Foundation on Economic Trends (FOET), adviser to the European Union, and author of “The Hydrogen Economy,” “The Biotech Century” and “The End of Work”), educating us about the use of renewable energies and how the merge with the internets will have a substantial impact on “going green”–and what the outcomes will be.

Click the pic to go the site, or click “Listen” to hear the interview in a new window:

For more information on Jeremy Rifkin:
click here to visit The Foundation on Economic Trends


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