Bea and the Tree

Having the honor of passing this tree almost everyday, I am amazed by it every time, without fail:

May God grant me with the:
– Strength of this tree:  it stands strong against large storms, save for a few fallen branches, and against the searing daytime sun from which it gains life
– Serenity & Patience of this tree:  it stands strong, silently growing, the spanish moss swaying gently in the breezes.  It shows nothing but quiet existence
– Beauty of this tree:  it has the power to  strike awe in its beholders

When still, it appears as completely strong and immovable as a stone wall.  When it is faced with forces beyond its control, it simply bends and allows them to pass; the winds flow through the branches, gently yielding to the trespass.

We can learn volumes from nature, especially when it says nothing at all.


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