Fountain of Youth

Realizing that smiling to myself, at others, and simply in general, makes me feel better, I also realized that those with smile lines on their face are happier than those with frown lines (no coincidence).

Some people search for the right product to apply (some just have beautiful skin lol!), when really, youth lies in happiness.  If you find yourself getting upset about something, try this: remember that whatever it is, it too, shall pass, and that a positive outlook will help you through it.  Yes, there are times when these little tricks seem impossible, but take a look back to some of the times you have had that you thought were just the worst.  You made it through them, and are you better now?

Sometimes people snip at me for pointing out the good side of a potentially doomed situation (doomed is what they think), but I continue to believe that we can get through anything.  We are only bound by the ties we create in our minds..  when I watch nature “happening,” like animals scavanging for their food, and when they are threatened with an impending danger, they do what they need to get to safety and to warn others.  They do not stop, think things over and then react, they simply follow their natural instinct.  I truly believe that if we are in tune with ourselves, our minds will follow, and our instincts can guide us towards what is best for us (regardless of what our measly minds think).  After all, as humans who are able to think, and think, and then think more, we sometimes bring ourselves to the point of madness over something we cannot change, rather than to simply accept what is, and go from there.  If someone asks me if I’ve “lost my mind,” I like to smile and reply “yes.”  Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes, to just lose the compulsive-thinking mind?..  Sometimes I do, and it’s nice  🙂

People complain.  This is a fact.  If you find yourself feeling a complaint coming on, try to stop yourself before spreading that negativity to anyone else (who may perhaps be having the best day of their life, you never know), and just accept what is, and put your energy instead towards making the situation better in any way that you can -not only for yourself, but for those who would otherwise be affected by the complaint.  At work, as most of us do, we know it is not the best feeling to be inside all day, especially when you know how beautiful it is outside- remember, you are not the only one spending time inside, and isn’t it better to spread positivity than bring others down?

“Happiness depends on ourselves.”  -Aristotle

It is a hugely liberating experience to bring positivity to any given situation -the more difficult ones are the ones we learn most about ourselves.  Stay young.  Smile often.  Getting angry about the trivial things (or anything at all..) is wasted energy.  The less resentment and anxiety you harbor, the lighter your heart and younger you will feel.  Some think that if they do not hold on to anxiety & worry, then they are not getting anything accomplished.  To them, I say STOP.  take a deep breath, and re-center– for one single minute, listen to yourself, and ignore anything else but the peace inside yourself, the “magic” of the natural energy that propels your own heartbeat.

Keep your curiosity, it is amazing what you can find out by being curious and asking questions – from people and of situations.

It is a choice – and it is not always easy to remain positive and keep on.  Are you in, or are you out (of touch with yourself, with the God within us ALL)?  Let’s stay young 🙂


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