Nights like this

On evenings like this is when the peace (really) sets in..

The summertime “forest chorus” has dwindled down to only a few quiet crickets lulling their listeners into serenity.  The air has readjusted to a cool, crisp freshness that soothes, calms, and refreshes you after a long day of bustling activity.  Being able to enjoy that serenity with a glass of red wine, feeling the light breeze bringing wafts of quiet life overtakes you and simply begs a calm mind, the hoot owls echoing this in their eerie conversations..  These are the evenings when Floridians fall in love with FL all over again; although the summertime atmosphere has passed, it is warm still to enjoy the kiss of the sun by the pool, or to spend time watching the sunset over the water.

With doors wide open, wafting in scents of family dinnertime and the sound of children settling down for the evening, it is therapeutic to simply wash dishes and pick up a good book to enjoy.  Oh to relax by simply listening to the harmonies of the outdoors is something I will always desire to be surrounded by -and am fortunate to be able to experience!  The tropical insects have all found a new place, away from my front door  🙂

Each day more beautiful than the last, the sun warming to a most welcoming sensation; the tops on cars down, sunroofs open, and golfers galore, we know that the Florida Fall has at last arrived.

FL: it truly is a paradise.


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