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I’m not a Sunday church-goer or devoted Bible-reader, but this daily email spoke to me:

School just made him sick.

When I was in school and I used to tell my parents that “it’s the teacher, not me!” they would roll their eyes and tell me to go do my homework.  Thankfully it didn’t make me sick..

When I was in high school, the buildings were old, the air was musky and humid (even with the a/c kickin’…) -I don’t even want to know what the air ducts were like inside.  It crossed my mind that it probably wasn’t the cleanest, most sanitary air to be breathing while enhancing our minds…!  Recently, my brother’s girlfriend was telling me about her cough.  It started while in school and over the summer it subsided measurably, she was pondering the same thing I had pondered back in high school; “is school the cause of my affliction?”  –well, we are definitely intent on finding out.  She starts back again soon this month, and the somewhat unofficial study will begin.  Btw, my high school has since been completely torn down/renovated/renewed… the year after my class graduated.

For this little 3rd grader, it took over a year to figure out what was causing his health issues – poor lil guy!!  Having a clean learning environment is crucial!  Always question the location if this is something you find happening with yourself or someone you know…  and spread the word/information/knowledge.  We must be ever vigilant.

Read more by clicking the image or by following this CNN Health link:

Café au lait V.1

Current chill blogging music comes from this album mixed by DJ River
(and fully, freely downloadable – just click the image above)

Take a sample..:

You don’t say..

“… evolutionary psychologists Leda Cosmides and John Tooby say that happiness comes from ‘encountering unexpected positive events.'”

Click here to Wiki it and read more

Cats!: NeyNey & BayBay

Yes, they have weird names; unsure of the origin of BayBay (or auntie Bay), NeyNey because her little meows sound like a horse neighing (no joke).  Here they are, again c/o my brother, BayBay leading :

Cats!: Sunnin’ Nitty

From evening sleepin to morning naps in the sun (!) – kind of reminded me of Garfield…:

Spotted!: Getting Knighted

After spending the day on the UCF campus going through orientation and all, to my pleasant surprise I realized I have ended up on a campus with a Pegasus symbol  (favorite animals have always been horses).  The athletics team mascot is a fighting knight – but I happen to like the academic logo of Pegasus better for some reason (maybe it’s a girl thing lol!).

Here are some pics of the days fun:

Crazy Christmas Collaborations

La familia…

We were all getting situated, as I set up the camera trying to fit everything & everyone in, I turn around to find my dear dad crawling into that small corner you see him in, behind the tree, behind the couch.. like a true lurker!  I told him to stop his lurking and come out from there, but by then the camera timer was already set and ready  (his refusal to come out aside) – as my mom and I were attempting to  to stop laughing by the time the timer counted down.  My family: someone’s always doing something they shouldn’t.. *siGh.. yet somehow we always manage to pull it together : )

❤ em wouldn’t trade em!   : D

Spotted!: Gazing away…

Gazing ball fun 🙂

2 Siris 4 us

As I watch 30 Rock, I realize that Liz Lemon’s super cute assistant/receptionist is named Siri.  Any relation to the iPh Siri?…

When my friend Pam told iPhone Siri “I’m lost,” this is what she had to say about it:


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