Spotted!: Redlight Redlight


FL summer is upon us….  so til classes & work resume next week, I will do some of this (in the sun, of course!) along with administrative duties : )

Hangin’ round Downton Abbey

Just saw season one of Downton Abbey, a PBS Masterpiece series – and it’s quite intriguing.  It is set during the reign of King George V at Highclere Castle in Hampshire, UK and follows the life of a family who is fighting to keep their legacy alive by means of the estate, along with the servant’s lives who run the place.  It has humor, wit, drama, likable characters….  it’s recommendable, refreshing entertainment that breaks from the current trend of reality-tv, vampires and crime-solving agents.

Go ahead, ask..

Chimay, Chimay not… but you’ll not know if you never ask.

Spotted!: Biking ’round town

Went biking to downtown DeLand not long ago, where we encountered a music festival (which meant lots of people to duck & dive btwn!).  It was a gorgeous evening, and we rode apprx 20mi round-trip;  perfect FL weather simply had to be taken advantage of : )


Lhasa Apso + Bichon Frisé  =  this yummy Yuna!:

Cats!: Bo : )

Bo, mascot of the stamulisM Studio (voted “Best of” salon two times and counting) in Jacksonville, FL
Beautiful creature, nothing short of a miniature albino panther with multi-colored eyes:

Cats!: Uh, Waiter?

… …there appears to be a cat hair… or two… in my water…

Peep the present

Peep the past